96 Percent of Business Media Users Rely on Trade Magazines and Websites to Make Purchase Decisions**

The Value of B-to-B Report shows that business-to-business media, including events, magazines, websites and more, are extremely effective in connecting buyers and sellers. The Value of B-to-B report was sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc. and supported by marketer organizations ANA (Association of National Advertisers), ISBM (Institute for the Study of Business Markets) and BMA (Business Marketing Association), as well as eight trade publishing companies. Some key takeaways include:

  • Trade media have reach: 96 percent of media users polled visit b-to-b websites and read print magazines. 73 percent visit these websites at least weekly, and 45 percent read print magazines at least weekly.
  • Events deliver leads: 90 percent of marketers polled said that event attendance generates leads, and 76 percent said that event sponsorship generates leads.
  • Digital magazines are flourishing: 92 percent of publishers polled produce digital editions of their print magazines, and 60 percent of publishers say that their digital circulation is increasing.
  • Mobile is growing in business: 53 percent of media users say they use their own personal mobile device for business purposes, and 43 percent of marketers say they plan to increase their spending on mobile media.
According to ABM (Association of Business Information & Media Companies) Research and Content Director Michael Moran Alterio, the Value of B-to-B report demonstrates that business information publishing remains an effective tool for working professionals and the advertisers who seek to reach them. “Trade media is about a holistic approach to connecting buyers and sellers: print, digital, live events, data and information sales, marketing services and so on,” said Alterio. “Our research shows that trade publishers are growing in importance, reaching businesspeople in new ways and remaining a vital resource for their customers.”
The Value of B-to-B report polled trade media users, publishers, and marketers to deliver a 360-degree view of media serving the b-to-b industry. 74 marketers, 111 publishers, and 6,682 trade media users participated in three online polls in March and April of this year. The report, a 5 MB PDF, includes 30 pages of analysis, 15 pages of methodology, and 380 pages of raw results. Both the report and a video presentation of the data are available at:


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